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What We Do

Electrical Construction

Akli (Malaysia) Snd. Bhd. has 25 years of experience in Electrical Construction all around Malaysia. Akli (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is heavily involved in the installation of new Underground and Overhead Cables for distribution networks for both 11kV and 33 kV ratings.

In addition, we provide services that include :

  • Civil Works including Milling (PKK Class G7)
  • Switchgear Installation
  • Cable jointing
  • Tower erection works
  • HDD operations
Electrical & Instrumentation Works For Offshore & Onshore Facilities
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Works
  • Idemitsu

Our Machines and Equipment

List of Machinery & Vehicles
32 Tonnes Machine HDD 2
1 Tonne Lorry 2
3 Tonne Lorry 7
Backhoe 6
Lorries Tipper 5
Auger 2
Pick Up 1
Lorries Crane 1
List of Tools & Equipments
1Steamroll (1 Tan)1 Sakai
2Cable Rollers100Local
3Cable Winch3Ford
4Underground Cable Locater1 Germany (10/C4EN11-3844)
6Spot Light20Phillips
7Cable Drum Stand4Own Design
8Blinking Light503M
9Safety Cone503M
10Sign Boards15Own Design
11Reflective Safety Vest503M
12Safety Helmet50Local
13Light Baton6Local
14Cable Stocking8Local
15Portable Genset1Hitachi
16Diamond Cutter3Robin
17Portable Water Pump6Robin
18Portable Generator6Robin/Yamaha
19Portable Welding Set1Takara
20Trunk Radio System6Johnson
21Discharge Rod up to 60kV1Baur - Germany
22Megger Insulation Test 5kV1Kyoritsu
23Digital Clamp Test2Kyoritsu
24Earth Tester1Kyoritsu
25Digital Oil Test Set1Megger
26Phase Rotation Meter - LV1Kyoritsu
27Cable Puller2Australia
28Mud Tank3Local